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There are patron saints for acrobats and jugglers, airline pilots and their passengers, bachelors, broadcasters, booksellers, choirboys, funeral directors, immigrants, motorcyclists, prisoners, swimmers, teachers, writers and yachtsmen in a book featuring 300 patron saints for every person and situation imaginable. From gamblers and lawyers to parents with disappointing children, for victims of toothaches to schoolgirls and vampire hunters, here are 300 reproductions in full colour of holy cards depicting these heavenly helpers in all their glory. For each there is a short history. For example for Atheists, Saint Sebastian, died about 300, feast day January 20th. In the story about the patron saint of archers on page 36, we left St Sebastian tied to a stake and perforated with arrows; incredibly, he was cut down still alive. Famous for founding the Dominican religious order, St Dominic (1170-2121, feast day August 8th) sought to revive religious devotion among Catholics and bring the Cathar heretics back to the fold. The gorgeous illustrations in this book are reproductions of antique and vintage holy cards, all from an extraordinary private New York collection. Expressions of popular devotion, they date from the 19th and early 20th century and were of exceptionally high quality using chromolithography. The real life histories of an amazing variety of holy figures from the Christian life reveal how each became associated with a particular beneficiary. An absolutely gorgeously designed and produced book of 480pp, colour illus. Heavyweight softback.
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