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Daniel Rabinovitch was born in 1927 and adopted the name Anselme while serving in the French Resistance and this novel was first published in Paris in 1957. France's engagement in Algeria was becoming ever more bloody and told people things they did not want to hear. The novel vividly described what it was like for soldiers to return home from an unpopular war and the book received a handful of reviews, was never reprinted and disappeared from view. David Bellos's translation of this lost classic has been rediscovered. Spare, forceful and moving, it describes a week in the lives of a sergeant, a corporal and an infantryman, each home on leave in Paris. What these soldiers have to say can't be heard or even spoken - they find themselves strangers in their own city, unmoored from their own lives feeling the shame and terror felt by men returning home from war. 'It seemed to him evermore insistently that he and Valette were dead, that they'd died long before, with a bullet in their heads in some far-off wadi.' 'One, the French soldier is the best in the world; Two, the French have the best food in the world; and three [he lowered his voice], Frenchmen are the world's best f***ers'. 198pp including interview with the author, 'a fat and tousle-haired night owl' in a Parisian café late at night.
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