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Royal Gold, The Art of Gold and Sacred Gold with its lustre, and its warm yellow colour mirroring the sun, its rarity and its perceived purity, gold does not tarnish and has appealed to artists, goldsmiths and gilders throughout history. Included in these lavish pages are works dating from the early Bronze Age to the 20th century from Europe, South America and Asia. Within the Royal Collection are works of art that draw on every aspect of gold. By tradition, the items of regalia used at the coronation of a monarch are made of gold as are many for the coronation banquet and the procession. One of the first of the hundreds of exquisite examples photographed and in close up is St Edward's crown from1661 by Robert Viner and an Ecuadorian golden crown from 1000-1400 made from beaten sheets of gold with striking decorative features. A portrait of Richard II (1367-1400) shows his status is proclaimed by his gold crown and the jewelled golden clasp and collar which fasten his ermine mantle. See pictures of the Gold State Coach in the Royal Mews today, a massive tray weighing 19lb decorated with the badges of every Order of Knighthood to which George IV belonged, the gold Imperial Mantle worn by Queen Victoria at her Coronation, an Indian Tiger's Head, the Ascot Gold Cup, bracelets, jewellery, fans, a Fabergé cigarette case from 1903, gilded paintings and extensive gold tooling on leather bound books, double illumination and decorative painted borders of golden Persian calligraphy in Queen Victoria's journal and gold leaf on medieval religious paintings, Books of Hours and devotional books, altar candlesticks and more. Beautifully preserved, they are now curated into this special book printed on black paper, to bring out the golden colour of the priceless treasures. Gold embossed cover and similarly decorated black slipcase.
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A handsome book, full of wealth and beauty.
from Anonymous on 09/10/2019
This book is a pleasure to hold and observe. The photographs are exceptional in their clarity and detail. There is so much to delight, every page has golden treasure, with very informative and interesting text. The gold examples take every form, jewellery, coaches, ornaments, religious items. They are from different countries, although there is a preponderance of English royal items.