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Sub-titled 'Excursions to France, Italy and North Wales, 1768-71', Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, 4th Baronet of Wynnstay (1749-89), is one of those shadowy figures who crop up in history in various guises. As a patron of artists, actors, architects, musicians, landscape gardeners and purveyors of luxury goods, he has often merited a footnote, but only occasionally a monograph. This beautifully produced book is concerned mainly with four formative years in the life of Wales' most distinguished connoisseur who nearly bankrupted himself in the pursuit and patronage of elegance. It looks at his Grand Tour to France and Italy and his own land-holdings in North Wales, and at the social and artistic milieu in which the young man developed. Based around his own account books, it is illustrated with 49 full colour plates and sepia postcards such as Conway in the county of Caernarvon. Here at Bibliophile we particularly like plate No.2 because it features two beautiful slight hounds and the shy Sir Watkin, the eager Mr Apperley and the slightly arrogant Captain Hamilton, all delineated with a psychological precision by Batoni. 229pp.
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