NEMESIS: The First Iron Warship and her World

NEMESIS: The First Iron Warship and her World

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One of the really beautifully produced colour plates includes one of Singapore Town from the Government Hill looking southwest, 1846 and the superb and very realistic oil painting of Captain William Hutcheon Hall, 1860. The Nemesis was the first of a generation of iron-clad steam-powered naval vessels that established British dominance in Asian waters in the 19th century. It was the world's first vessel with truly watertight compartments, and the first iron vessel to round the Cape of Good Hope. Nemesis represented a staggering naval superiority over the oar-and sail-powered naval forces of Britain's Asian rivals, yet strangely her story has never been told to modern audiences, and her origins and actions have until now been shrouded in mystery. This lively narrative places her in the historical context of the last years of the East India Company, and in the history of steam power and iron ships and tells of her exploits in the First Opium War, in pirate suppression, and naval actions across Asia from Bombay to Burma to the Yangtze River and beyond. Seven maps from Birkenhead to the South China Sea, 26 colour and black and white illustrations and chapters include Gunboat Diplomacy, The Battle of Batang Maru and From Rangoon to Mandalay. 325pp in large softback.
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