DIVORCED, BEHEADED, SOLD: Ending an English Marriage

DIVORCED, BEHEADED, SOLD: Ending an English Marriage

MARIA NICOLAOU    Book Number: 86361    Product format: Paperback

Divorce is a relatively modern invention. Once, marriage was expected to last forever, but some couples were determined that theirs would not. Some used unofficial methods like simply moving on to the next spouse and quietly committing bigamy, or if they could afford it, seeking a legal separation through the courts. Alternatively a husband could perform a wife sale, where he led his unwanted wife in a halter to market, and sold her to the highest bidder. One man brought two wives at the same sale. Discover colourful historical characters involved in marital breakdowns, uncovered from legal documents and private papers. Con Philips, who married many times and fought off one husband with a gun filled with firework powder; the nefarious Captain Blood, who bribed judges and deliberately bankrupted himself to escape giving his wife alimony; the Duke of Grafton who hired an army of detectives to spy on his wife and obtain proof of her adultery; and Marion Jones who recruited a gang to take back her property from her husband. 15 historical woodcut illustrations of lovers and assignations and contrasted husbands, mostly satirical and one rare depiction of a happy marriage. 191pp in softback.
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