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The writer and military historian teaches armoured fighting and historical swordsmanship and his novels have been described as 'a sword-slash above the rest.' 1367 and Europe stands on the brink of total war. Political alliances are beginning to rupture. No state is immune - England, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Milan, Genoa, Venice, Constantinople... Every mercenary knight for hundreds of miles must sharpen his sword and prepare for battle. But Sir William Gold has other problems. Just to reach Europe he must capture its most unassailable fortress and protect his liege lord, the Green Count, from assassins hell-bent on his demise. The balance of power in the West will change and William Gold must trust to hope and his men that he lands on the winning side. 'No one can watch an impaled man slide down, the inside of his bowels gradually ripping open as the man's weight drags him down the stave. No man can watch that and think himself in the right. I've fought Saracens and Turks and Lithuanians, and the only men I ever knew to impale a man alive were Camus's.' 446pp.
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