GRAY'S ANATOMY: Leatherbound Edition

GRAY'S ANATOMY: Leatherbound Edition

HENRY GRAY FRS & H.V. CARTER    Book Number: 86301    Product format: Hardback

A superb, heavyweight collector's edition in very dark blue leather with strong binding and 1096 magnificent silver gilt-edged pages and satin bookmarker, this classic tome is 2½" thick. A facsimile of the 15th edition, the drawings by H. V. Carter MD and additional drawings in later editions, this book was first published in 1858 and was an instant bestseller. Enjoyed for its clarity of expression as an informed anatomical knowledge to practical surgery, the book starts with a concise description of osteology in particular showing the articulations and attachments of muscles. Muscles Fasciae including surgical anatomy in connection with fractures and of the tendons are followed by the Arteries, Lymphatics, the Nervous System and Organs of Scents focussing on the spinal cord and its membranes. A section on the brain shows a series of sectional views and distribution of the cranial, spinal and sympathetic nerves. Unsurpassed are the detailed dissections and scientifically anatomical drawings in close up detail. The knee joint, the muscles of the perineum in male and female, organs of digestion, the head and neck of a human embryo at 32 days amongst dozens in the Embryology section, here is all human life and the incredible workings of our human bodies. A classic tome for every bookcase. 6¼" x 9¼".
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ISBN 9781435167919
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