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We can only stare in wonder at these rare gems of art presented by an author who shares a lifetime of knowledge and insight, as we are introduced to the richly varied traditions of painting in India. Sub-titled 'Close Encounters With 101 Great Works 1100-1900' Professor Goswamy presents a magnificent and lavishly illustrated and very heavy book. The renowned art historian opens readers eyes to the wonders of Indian painting and shows art works in new ways. He explains the themes and emotions that inspired Indian painters, values and influences that shaped their work, and unique ways in which they depicted time and space. He describes the different regional styles, relationship between patrons and painters, the tools and techniques painters used and the milieu in which they created their works. The second part presents nearly a thousand years of art ranging from Jain manuscripts such as Rival Armies Meet Across the River from the mid 15th century, The Speaking Tree, Deccani or possibly Mughal early 17th century, The Virgin and Child, a leaf from a Jahangir album with gold on paper, The House of Bijapur which shows the Sultan seated in all his majesty, King Kamsa in his inner apartment with maids and attendants standing around. There are also Rajasthani, Mughal, Pahari and Deccani miniatures to Company School paintings. There is a boar incarnation of Vishnu, Ibrahim Adil Shah hawking, monarchs hunting and showing off their archery prowess, receiving kings and dignitaries, pursuing a rhinoceros and a grisly depiction of decapitation on page 348. There are portraits of Sepoy and one of a lady of rank, a high-born woman in an idealised image and one of a group of courtesans. Some of the Ragamala paintings include peacocks and flowers. The book is arranged by the chapters Visions, Observation, Passion and Contemplation including holy men, Sufis, a meditating dervish and a yogini. With glossary, 570 beautifully typeset pages with 210 colour illus. A Thames & Hudson quality publication.
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First class insight.
from Anonymous on 07/10/2019
This book is a 'must have' if one has an interest in art history.