SECRET NEW YORK: An Unusual Guide

SECRET NEW YORK: An Unusual Guide

T. M. RIVES    Book Number: 86266    Product format: Paperback

In 1945, City Hall Station was shut down and remains sealed, decked with coloured tiles, Guastavino vaults and chandeliers, considered New York's handsomest station ever. Today you can see its ghost by staying on the southbound 6 train at Brooklyn Bridge before it makes a turn around and that's your cue to move over to the right side of the car and press your face to the glass. Membership is required for an official visit. Also at City Hall is Liberty Pole and most Americans are surprised to learn that the first blood spilled in the Revolution, before the Boston Massacre and the pitched battles of 1776, was likely spilled in downtown New York. Afterwards an 80 foot pine mast was sunk deep into private land and girded in iron bearing a golden vane and the single word LIBERTY. The last surviving royal symbol in New York is in St Paul's Chapel. Discover secret gardens, decipher ancient riddles on tomb stones, visit a disturbed Indian burial ground, observe the stars and planets through a university telescope, frown at a bronze statue of Lenin, harvest mastodon food in Central Park, find a Venetian palazzo above a former stable, see subway art that flickers and moves and have your bicycle blessed in church. Discover Joan of Arc island, a graffiti Mecca, the Monkey House at Bronx Zoo, a riverside labyrinth, a 4,000-pound globe in the Daily News building lobby and a digital time capsule booth, recording memories. Arranged by districts, here is the city's deep past, discovery and development, society and skyline, voices of artists, taxi drivers and librarians and park bench bums who all make New York the City it is. Written by insiders, packed with colour photos, pull quotes, facts and a fascinating text of trivia. With index. 430pp in elongated quality softback.
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