LITTLE BOOK OF IKIGAI: The Secret Japanese Way

LITTLE BOOK OF IKIGAI: The Secret Japanese Way

KEN MOGI    Book Number: 86239    Product format: Paperback

Live a happy and long life the Japanese way with less stress and greater happiness. The Japanese life philosophy Ikigai is an ancient Eastern philosophy which has never been so relevant. Start small, find your flow, discover your passion, look for joy in little things and with the expert guidance of Ken Mogi, this wondrous gem of a book will help you realise and discover your very own Ikigai. The author is a neuroscientist, writer and broadcaster based in Tokyo and author of over 100 books. Shove over Hygge, this is the new lifestyle mantra literally meaning Iki (to live) and Gai (reason) and it can be applied to small everyday things as well as big goals and achievements. Enjoy the morning air, a cup of coffee, a ray of sunshine and really appreciate a world where our value as people and our own sense of self-worth is determined primarily by ourselves changing gradually our rich resonance to life. 196pp in illustrated softback.
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ISBN 9781787478541
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