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"The Queen was escorted by the Constable of the Tower, attended by her almoner and four ladies. She wore a grey damask gown lined with fur over a scarlet kirtle and an ermine mantle, while an English gabled hood completed the outfit. They went through the huge twin towers of the Coldharbour Gate into the inner ward, passing the imposing mass of the White Tower on the right. Some fifty or so metres ahead stood the scaffold." Katherine Howard was the fifth wife of Henry VIII and cousin to the executed Anne Boleyn. She was beheaded in 1542 for crimes of adultery and treason, in one of the most sensational scandals of the Tudor age. Far from being a dark tale of court factionalism and conspiracy, her story is one of child abuse, family ambition, religious conflict and political intrigue. It is also a tragic love story. A bright, kind and intelligent young woman, Katherine had a strong sense of duty and tried to be a good wife to Henry. She handled herself with grace and queenly dignity to the end, even as the barge carrying her on her final journey drew up to the Tower of London where she was to be executed. The Times described this as "an impressive revisionist biography...Good history challenges us to think as much about the present as about the past. This is good history." 309pp, family trees and 25 illus, some colour photos.
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