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Clutching his trusty Bradshaw's and wearing a colourful array of jackets and chinos, actually on this occasion he is clutching his Appleton's General Guide to the United States and Canada Parts One and Two 1879 for his recent BBC television series. Social history cum travelogue adventure to the New World, with Appleton's as his reference, the smiling Michael Portillo undertakes an epic trip by train from New York and Boston on the East Coast down to the Deep South of Atlanta and New Orleans, then on to Chicago, Colorado, New Mexico and ultimately finishing in San Francisco. Promising to illuminate all that is 'novel, picturesque, beautiful, memorable, striking or curious', the journey opened not just the continent but also the American state of mind, little more than a decade after the end of the devastating Civil War. The advent of the railroads speeded up everything and made great fortunes for tycoons and unleashed a revolution in heavy industry. Portillo enjoys the serene beauty of the mighty Hudson River from his train seat before delivering him to witness the awe-inspiring power of Niagara Falls. Here is the history of Native Americans, Virginia which became the pre-eminent colony by wealth and population, Jefferson who drafted the Declaration of Independence and George Washington who emerged as the hero of the war against the Crown and became the first President of the United States. The agricultural economy of the south was thought to depend on slavery. The books explores the construction of rail routes across the continent in the 1880s as a new nation was built by the immigrant masses. This truly is a colourful and exciting book with vignettes of revealing social history. Extensively illustrated plus maps and fact boxes and big clear appealing layout. 256 large pages, maps on endpapers.
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