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One of the excellent SF Masterworks bright yellow series by Gollancz, with an introduction by Adam Roberts. In the year 2093, human consciousness has expanded to the point that man can visit the past using a technique called 'mind-travelling'. Artist Edward Bush returns from a lengthy 'trip' to the Jurassic period to find the government overthrown by an authoritarian regime. Given his mind-travel experience, he is recruited by the new regime to track down an assassinator scientist whose ideas threaten to topple the status quo. However the job of an artist is not to take orders, but to ask question. An evocative and disturbing novel by the highly-decorated science fiction author. 224pp in facsimile reprint of the 1967 original. Paperback.
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ISBN 9781473222731
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from Anonymous on 26/01/2020
This is not science and reality-based SF, it's a flight of fancy by an author who was about to slip into the self-indulgent wibble-fest of the 1960s New Wave. It's a work by a master SF author, but not a masterwork; just one part of the impressuve Aldiss legacy, and a rather weird one.