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Sit back and enjoy the double page spreads on new geometry, William Morris, 19th century revivals, opulent baroque, arabesques and floral motifs, foliate and floral saz designs which look rather Iznik on Turkish tile panels or low tables, woven in silk or decorating a vase. Every day we look at patterns, but what do they mean? The use of ornamental design and repeated motif permeates every art form and every culture and patterns adorn every surface from textiles and ceramics to book covers and walls. Visually stunning, here is a chronological journey through 3,000 years of pattern styles with page by page coverage and sumptuous imagery, written by experts and in an accessible style. A lavish visual timeline from Ancient Egypt through to the modern day is punctuated by definitive motifs, forms and design, patterns drawn from paintings, mosaics, engravings, architecture and other media. The approach reveals geographical and cultural contrasts and connections through the centuries and Pattern in Detail pages uniquely extract motifs with magnified details for closer analysis. Detailed biographies of key pattern innovators conclude with Paul Smith and others and the potential of experimenting with print and typography. A useful timeline and glossary concludes. Enjoy the decoration at the Queen of France's court 1413, heavenly vines and scrolls circa 1200 and symbols of wealth and power into the medieval period, glittering insignia on plaques, purses, helmets, belt buckles and bowls. Ranging from plant forms such as the lotus flower or scrolling acanthus, the courtly fleur-de-lis and balanced and symmetrical forms, to modernist styles informed by natural geometry, each chapter is quite inspirational. 8" x 10" softback, 288pp, over 200 colour illus.
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Customer ratings for CHRONOLOGY OF PATTERN: Pattern In Art

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Very well laid out book
from Anonymous on 13/01/2020
Extremely interesting book and bought for possibilities of use for stitching design
Interesting and varied
from Anonymous on 09/10/2019
This is a book I will use intermittently, as it has a great deal of content. There are hundreds of photographs of patterning on a great range of artefacts; walls, clothes, fabrics, caskets, fans, vases, plates and buildings. Pattern development and chronology are explained, with examples from many cultures. Often the environmental and/or economic backgrounds illuminate the reason for the design’s growth and application. A book worthy of detailed study.