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Brilliant children's author Neil Gaiman is the award-winning writer of Coraline and many other family favourites. A baby giant panda once sat on Neil's lap and ate bamboo in Chengdu, China which inspired this glorious story. When Chu sneezed, bad things happened. In the morning, Chu went with his mother to the library. The splendid double page illustrations by Adam Rex sees a host of animals like the giraffe as receptionist, mice in the draws using tiny computers screens, a green turtle being served, a snail and a snake arriving, a hare, an elephant, a shiny green frog and a baby bear are reading quietly and a gorilla is on his way out. Our favourite is the platypus climbing the library steps to the bookcases surrounding the room and the family of ants turning the pages and reading a huge book together. There was old book-dust in the air. Aah - Aaah - Aaaah - will Chu sneeze today? At lunchtime he went with his father to the diner, 'peopled' with a giant orange octopus, a whale, a kangaroo, a chimp and other gloriously depicted animal characters in this very very special storybook, and that's before we get to the circus. 32 large pages, all in colour.
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