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Sub-titled 'How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into A Center Of Publishing, Made Himself The Most Famous Man In Europe - And Started The Protestant Reformation'. Martin Luther's life as both a religious and publishing revolutionary is a story of a figure who, coming of age at the same time as the printing press, left his mark on history. Published ahead of the Reformation's 500th anniversary, Andrew Pettegree's commentary provides insight into the history of man and the word. The chapters range from A Small Town in Germany and The Making of a Revolutionary, to Luther's Friends and The Reformation in the Cities where you will read about events including the infamous debate between Eck and Luther, who was a representative of the Wittenberg delegation at the time, in Leipzig where Eck appeared a formidable opponent as he pinned Luther to his most controversial position (his denial of the historical roots of papal primacy). Discover details about his doctrines, including the fact that Luther was a notable pioneer in the field of female education with his goal of informing Christian people being applied equally to both girls and boys, lamenting the abandonment of educational vocation in convents during his address 'To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation' in 1520. Pettegree seeks to elaborate on the important moments of Luther's life, including his study of the conflict between Luther and Erasmus, going so far as to claim that the competition between the two was 'much more a significant milestone in the life of Erasmus than in the Reformation movement', as well as provide insight with regard to the religious imaginings of Luther including an analysis of his polemics on the Turkish threat wherein he suggest that Luther believed the Turkish troops were indomitable on account of them being God's scourge, a 'just punishment visited on Christendom for having tolerated the papal Antichrist.' Discover the central role of close friend to Luther, Lucas Cranach, a publisher in Wittenberg whose solution of a single wood-cut title page frame rather than separate panels was a design innovation in publishing, to Luther's university companions Georg Spalatin and Johann Lang who worked with Luther to shape the university around a 'more aggressive and confrontational intellectual agenda', with Spalatin entrusted with the task of enhancing the University of Wittenberg's book collection, seeking the best editions from the most distinguished bookshops, attempting correspondence with Aldus Manutius in Venezia three times before finally eliciting a response. Images range from landscapes, such as Wittenberg and the Wartburg, and portraits of figures such as Cranach and Luther himself in 1520, to photos of beautiful title pages of Melchior Lotter Senior in Leipzig, an early Luther work printed by Rhau-Grunenberg, and Justus Jonas translating Luther. Illus, 386pp.
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