ANIMAL EARTH: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures

ANIMAL EARTH: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures

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Life, in all its diverse splendour, is the single most interesting thing about this planet, the only place in the Universe yet discovered known to support it. We have a desire to know how many forms of life are out there, how they are related and how they interact. The subject of this spectacular heavyweight tome from Thames and Hudson, animals - all animals, from plankton to blue whales - represent but a tiny fraction of the tree of life, and those that we relate to most, the vertebrates, are a similarly minute part of the animals. Animals are broadly defined as multicellular life that feeds on other organisms, can move and respond to stimuli. The first animal common ancestor lived around one billion years ago and in that time has produced 1.5 million formally identified species, yet it is estimated that the total number is between 10 and 200 million! Zoologist Ross Piper presents here a parade of charismatic yet overlooked fauna, using 540 breathtaking colour images. Many of these are absolutely incredible scanning electron micrograph images of some of the most bizarre looking creatures you will ever see. We particularly loved the Tardigrda, or water bears, microscopic arthropods that look just like tiny bears and are one of the most abundant, resilient and ecologically important creatures on Earth, yet we had never heard of them! There are hundreds more creatures here with whom you simply must strike up an acquaintance and the illustrations are complemented all the way through with Piper's warm, erudite and enlightening narrative. 320pp softback, 9½" × 11".
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