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A passionate and erudite book from a Parisian born and bred, "One of the greatest books about the city anyone has written in decades, towering over a crowded field, passionate and lyrical and sweeping and immediate." - Luc Sante. And David Morrison in the FT, "Hazan is all business. He trudges through Paris street by street, quoting what Balzac, Hugo, Baudelaire or Kafka said about a particular spot, pointing out where barricades were once erected and thieves gathered for drinks." The assault on the Bastille, the reign of terror, Danton mocking his executioner, Robespierre dispensing a fearful justice, and the archetypal Gadfly Marat, the events and figures of the French Revolution have exercised a hold on historical imagination for more than 200 years. A template for heroic insurrection, to more conservative minds it was a cautionary tale. To Hazan, the Revolution becomes a rational and pure struggle for emancipation. In this new history, the first significant account of the French Revolution in over 20 years, Hazan maintains that it fundamentally changed the Western world and for the better. Looking at history from the bottom up, he provides an account of working people and peasants and asks what they saw were the opportunities, what were they fighting for, what was the Terror and could it be justified? How was the Revolution stopped in its tracks? Only by understanding the demands of the lower classes can the revolutionary bloodshed and implacable will of a man such as Robespierre be truly understood. The history begins with France under Louis XVI, impending bankruptcy, the rebellion of Parlements, provincial disturbances and elections and at Versailles, the Nancy Massacre and the duel between Brissot and Robespierre. High drama, magisterial history. 432pp, maps.
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