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Nietzsche wrote his last book and literary autobiography 'Why I Am So Wise' in 1888. It was finally published in 1908 under the title Ecce Homo and sub-titled 'How We Become What We Are'. With his final book he was aiming once and for all to explain and possibly defend his work to a world that has so far not taken much notice of his writing. He looks back on his literary output and tells us why he wrote those books, where they came from, and whether his position had changed at all over the course of the years. Overall his answer is 'no'. His dictum "God is dead" remains a battle cry, and set generations of writers and thinkers free to try and find their own meaning of life without being hampered by the rigidity of religious institutions. Nietzsche liked to think of himself as a freethinker in the true sense of the Enlightenment and called himself a "good European" and praised Napoleon as an internationalist and possible saviour. Ecce Homo above all is about the concept of 'free will' and 'free spirit'. In his own eyes his publication 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' was his masterpiece. A fascinating and bizarre text written just weeks before Nietzsche succumbed to madness, the book traces the development of his own philosophy and is both shocking and a revealing window into the mind of one of Germany's most acclaimed philosophers. 141pp in paperback.
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