ODYSSEY: Collins Classics

ODYSSEY: Collins Classics

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The Odyssey is thought to have been written around 800-900 BC and the poem marks the beginnings of Western literature. It is more accurately a lyric or rhapsody as it would originally have been performed in song in Ancient Greece. The central character is the eponymous Odysseus. The story is epic in its scope and describes the many heroic deeds and adventures as he attempts to find his way home after the Trojan War. One of the major themes is the play-off between the human qualities metis and hubris, intelligence and common sense, or cunning and guile. Hubris on the other hand is excessive pride and self confidence. The perfect individual needs to have a measured balance of both in order to avoid failure in whatever life throws at them. The poem is also fundamentally about the human sense of belonging and homecoming and Odysseus finds himself in a huge variety of different situations in his quest to return home to his wife and son. After the fall of the city of Troy, Greek warrior hero Odysseus journeys home to Ithaca after the Greek victory over the Trojans. On his travels he passes through surreal and foreign lands, challenged at every turn by gods and mythical beasts. A novel which explores the powerful and universal themes of courage, strength of mind and temptations. Featuring Life & Times, fascinating insights into the author, their work at the time of publication and a glossary of Classic Literature with useful words and phrases at your fingertips. 404pp in reprinted paperback.
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