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On a warm Sunday afternoon, Nazia and Sharif are preparing for a family barbecue at their house in Sheffield. In the garden next door is a retired doctor whose four children have long since left home. When the shadow of death passes over Nazia and Sharif's party, Doctor Spinster's actions are going to bring the two households together, for decades to come. The novel is a story of two families in which people with very different histories can fit together and redeem each other. One is a large and loosely connected family who have come to England from the subcontinent in fits and starts, brought there by education and economic possibilities. Or driven away from their native country by war, murder, crime and brutal oppression - forces their new neighbours know nothing about. The secret wound that damaged the Spinsters is of a different kind - Leo the eldest son, ran away from Oxford University aged 18. How do you put these things right, in England, now? With beautifully drawn characters the novel shows how the legacies of history can be mastered by the decision to know something about people who are not like us. Texture, colour and manners of culture are beautifully depicted. 579pp.
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ISBN 9780008175641
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