TIGRESS OF FORLI: The Life of Caterina Sforza

TIGRESS OF FORLI: The Life of Caterina Sforza

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"If I were to write the story of my life, I would shock the world." - Caterina Sforza (1463-1509) famously said. In the words of the New York Times hundreds of years later they describe her world as "Warring kingdoms, feuding cousins, corrupt popes and hapless husbands and lovers." Caterina Sforza's life crossed the firmament of Italy's High Renaissance like a shooting star. In her 46 years she bore eight children and buried three husbands, she was painted by Botticelli, slandered by Machiavelli, and fêted by Pope Sixtus IV. After successfully defending her city-state of Forlì on repeated occasions she was eventually defeated, imprisoned and raped by Cesare Borgia. Caterina was honoured at her death as 'without a doubt the first lady of Italy', and the next four generations of her descendants would include two Dukes of Tuscany, a Queen of France, and a Queen of England. The world of the Medicis is brought alive by this, the daughter of the Duke of Milan, and the denizen of a glittering papal court in Renaissance Rome. 316pp in paperback, including 17 images, some colour including Botticelli's Primavera originally commissioned by a member of the Medici family and on the right of the group the face of Caterina herself, the third Grace.
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