MEMORIES OF A LOST WORLD: Travels Through The Magic Lantern

MEMORIES OF A LOST WORLD: Travels Through The Magic Lantern

CHARLOTTE FIELL & JAMES RYAN    Book Number: 86076    Product format: Paperback

The story of the 'Magic Lantern' projector stretches back 200 years, before the advent of photography. The first slide projector is believed to have been invented by the Dutch mathematician and astronomer Christiaan Huygens in the late 1650s. The German Jesuit scholar Kircher is sometimes misattributed with the device's invention in 1646. It is part of a wonderful tradition of optical projection alongside the Camera Obscura, Shadow Shows and the Magic Mirror. Intrepid photographers would travel the world to document people and places and researcher Charlotte Fiell has painstakingly trawled through thousands of images to collect 900 of the very best such as the Kurb Minar, Delhi 1870, Eskimo Belles from Greenland, 1900, the ships on icy waters at the Peary Expedition, 1901, Norwegian and Lapp families in traditional coloured costumes, castles, country life, Dublin in a series of Irish postcards, the Old Curiosity Shop 1880s London, dozens of London attractions, Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London 1870 relaxing, Dutch people in traditional dress walking alongside a canal, beautiful Venice, temples in Egypt, a group of rescued slaves Africa 1890s in a double page spread, enormous lip plugs measuring ten inches worn by a Mursi tribesman 1880s, tombs of emperors in the Eastern Asia section, a view of Mount Fiji, Japanese maidens strolling in beautiful gardens, street players in Japan, wool sorting and sheep shearing in Australia, Peruvian mothers and children, lemon crops in California, giant redwood trees photographed in the 1890s, waterfalls and cityscapes. The images depict a pre-globalised world where customs and cultures were as distinctive as they were diverse. Some are beautiful hand coloured images of a now-lost world. Includes a staggering 800 magic lantern slides in colour, mono and sepia. A mammoth heavy well bound softback, 17 x 22cm, 704pp.
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