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The celebrated Japanese painter Minol Araki (1928-2010) was born and grew up in Dairen, part of Russian-occupied north-eastern China where he painted and studied art under a Chinese tutor from an early age, becoming steeped in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. At the end of WWII the Russians ordered all Japanese inhabitants of the territory to return to Japan, so the 17 year-old Araki found himself being "returned" to a country he knew nothing about. There he flourished, studying art and design in Tokyo and enjoying a very successful career designing housewares and electronics for the Japanese and US markets. Financially secure, he was able to spend his free time expanding his expertise into many branches of classical Chinese and Japanese art. This book was published to accompany a two-centre 1999 exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona and Taipei. Araki's first love was nature - the land, flowers and birds. The first part of the book includes a brief biography and two essays by Barnhart and Owyoung discussing the roots of Araki's style and the importance of the lotus flower in Chinese art. The first section of paintings comprises 24 of his landscapes, some of the produced in amazing four and five-page gatefold format. Next is an entire section of his lotus artworks, followed by flowers and birds and finally faces and figures and abstracts and miscellaneous, which includes our favourite "Snow Monkeys at Play in Autumn and Winter", which reproduces on six pages what was is in actuality a 12 panel ink and colour painting measuring some 3ft x 7ft - you can really feel the cold! A total of 62 of Araki's luminous works are reproduced here in their delicate, almost other-worldly glory, each with full details of medium, size and date. 130pp, 9½" × 11¾".
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