BOUTIQUE LONDON: A History: King's Road to Carnaby Street

BOUTIQUE LONDON: A History: King's Road to Carnaby Street

RICHARD LESTER    Book Number: 86062    Product format: Hardback

To the style-conscious sixties Londoner only two places mattered - the King's Road and Carnaby Street. By the end of the decade the whole world had caught on and flocked to see and be seen, to take part in the theatre that was played out in the new boutiques and onto the street outside. Shops ranged from the sleek and modern of Soho to the nostalgic dressing-up-box style of World's End but it was all driven by young designers whose conviction to make, market and sell their clothes on their terms generated an explosion of talent which evolved over the years, leaving a permanent mark on fashion history that still resonates loudly even today. Richard Lester's book is as colourful and thrilling as those pioneer shops as he follows the journey from the early risk-takers like Mary Quant, John Stephen and Bill Green in the late 50s, through the glory days of the 60s and up to the end of the 70s, when the small boutiques had mostly lost the battle (with a few notable exceptions) to the big retail chains. He provides in-depth profiles of 30 of the most successful and iconic retailers like Mr Fish, Granny Takes a Trip, Top Gear, His Clothes and Lord John and more concise histories of a further 50 smaller boutiques. The clothes, shop interiors and owners are as diverse as they are colourful and crazy and the wealth of photos feature not only this but some of the biggest names of the period, such as the Rolling Stones, Sean Connery, Jane Asher, Twiggy, Marc Bolan and Catherine Deneuve. A feast for the eyes that vividly brings to life a now-vanished London which changed the way we shop forever. 192pp, colour and b/w photos.
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