MILITARY HISTORY OF CHINA: From 1218 to the Present Day

MILITARY HISTORY OF CHINA: From 1218 to the Present Day

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In 1215 Genghis Khan's Mongol army captured Peking and destroyed the Chin Empire, and then advanced on through Asia and Russia to the fringes of Western Europe, where in 1241 they annihilated the German army at Liegnitz, then the Magyar army at the River Sajo in Hungary. Ogedei, son of Genghis Khan and then the Mongol leader, died shortly afterwards and in one of those "world turning points", his successor Hulagu was more interested in the fabled wealth of Persia than sacking Europe, something his army was more than capable of achieving. The Mongols headed back east and Europe was saved. It would be another 709 years until China next advanced outside its borders - 24 November 1950, when the Chinese army led by Marshall Peng clashed with a US-commanded UN army division in Korea. During this period the West regarded China as a world turned in on itself, interacting as little as possible with the rest of the world, like a dragon enfolded in a sleep of ages. However, that apparent sleep was one of nightmares, not peaceful reverie. The reality was centuries of brutal tribal war waged by barbaric warlords, bloody conflict with Muslims, Jews, Christians and Buddhists, imperialism, Japanese invasion and gang warfare more akin to civil war, usually involving disenchanted ex-soldiers. Bestselling military author Erik Durschmied traces the path of China through 800 years of war, colonial exploitation and internecine politics arriving at what China is today - the latest economic and military superpower in an increasingly fragile and volatile world. Vivid and frequently harrowing descriptions of events and people make this book particularly special - his account of "The Rape of Nanjing", the sacking of the capital of Nationalist China by the Japanese in 1937, in which over 250,000 civilians were massacred, is quite terrifying. 352pp.
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