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Sub-titled 'How the Fight for Women's Rights Went On', Mavis Curtis explores the work of eight women who helped promote the cause of women's rights and social equality - Eleanor Rathbone, Ellen Wilkinson, Maud Royden, Dr Isabel Emslie Hutton, Margaret Llewelyn Davis, Virginia Woolf, Eleanor Lodge and Helena Deneke. In 1918, David Lloyd George's post-war government passed the Representation of the People Act, and for the first time women were included in the political process. Women now accounted for nearly 50% of the electorate, but universal suffrage was a long way off, and women still had to face censure and discrimination in their professional and personal lives. Thankfully those who had fought for women's rights did not give up easily and continued to work tirelessly to improve the lives of women and provide them with opportunities they would not otherwise have had for some 40 years. The eight women all reflect in their personal experience the changes to women's lives and feminism during the 20th century. Maud Royden (1876-1956) had strong views about sex: "The men who urge regulated prostitution on grounds of national necessity ought to invite their wives and daughters to fill the places left vacant by the women who are worn out...as a woman in a Christian pulpit I cannot be silent in the presence of such infamy." The government backed down on these proposals. With timeline which astonishingly shows that in 1929 female genital mutilation was raised in Parliament and the Sarda Act which legislated on child marriages in India, the book looks into the Women's Cooperative Guild, the Women's Institute, higher education, the Anglican church, politics and socialist politics, the medical profession and the literary scene before looking forward. 288pp, 29 photos.
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