WAR REPORT: BBC Dispatches from the Front Line, 1944-45

WAR REPORT: BBC Dispatches from the Front Line, 1944-45

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War Report was first broadcast from the beaches of Normandy in June 1944. It was a landmark for the BBC and for combat reporting and gave millions of listeners daily updates on the Armed Forces' progress to the end of the war. A team of now-legendary BBC reporters including Chester Wilmot, Frank Gillard, Wynford Vaughan Thomas and Richard Dimbleby trained and were embedded with British troops. A first in war reporting, they landed side by side with soldiers in gliders, by parachute and in assault-craft. They interviewed soldiers, citizens and eyewitnesses to the conflict in a bid to 'tell it as it was'. The book is divided into three parts: And Now - Over to Normandy, Normandy to the Rhine and The Rhine to the Elbe, looking at the machine at work, beachheads, the capture of Cherbourg, behind the German lines, the Americans thrust into Brittany, German counter-attack, the Riviera landings, the liberation of Paris and the shooting in Notre Dame, the British dash through Belgium to seize Antwerp, Lyons liberated, the withdrawal from Arnhem, the Canadians in Holland, the Ardennes Offensive, POWs liberated and the civil population of Germany facing defeat. The closing scenes cover Doenitz succeeding Hitler and food reaching the Dutch by land and air and finally unconditional surrender as Jodl signs. War Report radio programme first went out after the nine o'clock news on D-Day June 1944 and continued daily until the signature of the armistice on 5th May 1945. It is an indelible record of the sites, smells and sounds of WWII. 512pp, illus.
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