TRAVEL: A Literary History

TRAVEL: A Literary History

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A Bodleian Library first edition 2011 packed with classic images of encounters between so-called civilisation and savagery from the age of discovery, world maps like the Nürnberg Chronicle of 1493 and from among the 20 beautiful colour plates details from the Map of the Holy Land, Persian manuscripts, Indian paintings, Venice in 1720 with tourists and booksellers, a portrait of Byron in Albanian costume, vignettes by Turner of Italy, Ruskin in the Alps and Petra by David Roberts from The Holy Land 1842 among them. No previous generation has ever travelled so energetically or so obsessively as ours, nor has travel writing ever been so much in fashion. Behind the self-conscious literary artistry of today's narratives lies a rich history of travel writing stretching back over several thousand years. It emerged from migration, war, exploration, trade, conquest, pilgrimage, science and poetic longing. But when they recorded their travels, the military commanders of Greece and Rome, the navigators of the Age of Discovery, the diplomats and missionaries of the 17th century, the dilettantes who set out on the Grand Tour, the romantic travellers and scientists of the 19th century, all had one thing in common - they were reimagining the world and reinterpreting it in their own minds for their readers. This is the first general survey of the entire history of travel literature with illustrations reproduced from manuscripts and books in the Bodleian Library. Writers include Marco Polo, Sir John Mandeville, Thomas Coryate, Captain Cook, T. E. Lawrence and Christopher Columbus, as well as Boswell and Johnson, Byron, Defoe, Conrad and James. The book highlights over 150 texts. Beautifully produced 303pp, illus, colour.
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