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Sub-titled 'The Extraordinary Life of Felix Dennis', when he died in 2014, Dennis was a multi-millionaire. Canny, infuriating, cynical and generous by turns, a true maverick, Felix left Harrow College of Art at the age of 15 to join a rock 'n' roll band. He soon found himself co-editor of the underground counter-culture magazine Oz. It was a job that was to land him in Wormwood Scrubs for charges of obscenity relating to a priapic Rupert Bear featured in the 'school kids' issue. What followed was the launch of Kung-Fu magazine, created when he spotted a queue at a London cinema for a Bruce Lee film. A move to America where he added the magazines MacUser and Maxim to his growing portfolio, and the discovery of crack, hookers and S&M, the culmination resulted in an industrious but self-destructive era. When the lifestyle led him to hospital, Felix gave up the drugs overnight and took to writing poetry with great success. In this inciteful biography, written with Felix's blessing, the writer has delved deep into Felix's archives and papers and interviews girlfriends, family, staff and friends the world over to write about this extraordinary character. "I was just too busy building up the company and spending 2.5 million dollars on crack cocaine. But you crash and burn in the end. That's the nature of it." With his dapper waistcoat, pocket chain, three piece suit, big beard and long hair and hippy badge, he cut an unmistakeable figure. 369pp, 16 pages of photos.
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