GREAT CONSPIRACY: Britain's Secret War

GREAT CONSPIRACY: Britain's Secret War

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The French Revolution threw the whole of Europe into turmoil, with no country more alarmed than Britain. As Napoleon established his iron grip on France, the British government was in a fever of suspicion, seeing revolutionaries everywhere as scores of organisations advocating parliamentary reform sprang up, the most influential of which was the London Corresponding Society. The spymaster William Wickham was charged with their surveillance and widespread arrests followed, with Prime Minister Pitt informing parliament that the conspirators had planned to destroy not only parliament but the King himself. Soon Wickham was dispatched to Switzerland to make contact with counter-revolutionaries plotting to restore the Bourbon dynasty to the throne of France. The book follows the progress of Georges Cadoudal's ill-fated plan to assassinate Napoleon in collusion with Jean Pichegru, both of whom received covert British support. Both were arrested in 1804 and met their end in dubious circumstances, Pichegru being improbably reported as having strangled himself and Cadoudal going to the guillotine after refusing Napoleon's terms of mercy on the grounds that his fellow-conspirators were not included. Equally suspect was the death of Commander John Wesley Wright, friend of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, a British naval officer accused of landing agents on the shores of France. The draconian conditions of the Treaty of Amiens and the assassination of the Bourbon Duke of Enghien cemented the hostilities which were to continue until Napoleon's overthrow. Other spymasters include General Victor Moreau. 308pp, illus, biographies.
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