GLORY AND B*LLOCKS: The Truth Behind 10 Defining Events

GLORY AND B*LLOCKS: The Truth Behind 10 Defining Events

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Discover that, contrary to popular belief, the longbow was not responsible for the English (and Welsh) victory at Agincourt, that Queen Elizabeth I's great Armada speech at Tilbury was probably an enormous exercise in spin, and that some who campaigned alongside Wilberforce for the abolition of the slave trade saw him as a hindrance rather than a hero of change. Colin Brown's investigations took him to some unexpected places, including climbing out of a window to stand as close as he could to Churchill's secret balcony high up on the White Cliffs of Dover, a Thames-side fort dwarfed by a container port, and the picturesque tourist port of Brixham in Devon, where the Loyal Orange Lodges march every year around the harbour to mark Britain's forgotten Dutch invasion. He visits a charming museum dedicated to French humiliation in northern France as well as the wealthy Brussels commuter town of Waterloo, where he found a dilapidated farm that was once witness to heroism. He is also touched to find at the Women's Library in the East End the return ticket to Epsom bought by suffragette Emily Davidson before she fell under the King's horse at the 1913 Derby. "Taking pride in our past is not jingoistic. This book examines our role in the slave trade, as well as our part in ending it...As a nation, we are changing. We should not romanticise our past, but nor should we forget this. This is an attempt to show us as we really are." Revealing the truth behind ten defining events in British history Brown takes in the Battle of Waterloo, the Falklands and the Suffrages to create a vivid picture. Shortlisted for the Best Political Book of the Year. 333pp in illustrated paperback.
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from Anonymous on 11/10/2019
Very interesting - better than I expected