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The woman who haunts artist Mark Harrison's dreams is a symbol of fertility and a goddess of nature surrounded by flowers, vines and leafy plants, her hair growing in tendrils adorned with fruit, at home in the wild as civilised man can never be. Infinitely desirable she cannot be tamed and is always self-contained and mysterious, maybe with the company of a lizard, snake, spider or bird. Since the late 1970s he took his art portfolio to book publishers and has been commissioned by all the leading publishing houses since producing book covers for Corgi, Harrap, Sphere Books and others. Ranging from traditional fantasy landscapes to more sensual and exotic paintings, this is a gallery of his seductive pieces, reproduced in colour, full page, often across a double spread together with the artist's own captions for what was inspiring him about the book to dream up such fanciful, colourful images. For a children's book in 1984: "This was for a children's book and how animals camouflage themselves in their environments. It's an early example of my experiments with techniques of creating texture to give a painting more visual interest." See pages 88-89 for an almost Alan Lee style dragon and African savannah background. Dragon's World books feature heavily with apocalyptic landscapes and futuristic imaginary worlds. Book jackets for Barry Hughart's 'The Story of the Stone' and creations for P. D. James and Isabel Allende. 1990 rare first edition with original cover price which has been unearthed in mint condition and selected by Bibliophile. 8½" x 12", 128pp.
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ISBN 9781850281337
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