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The tragic ways that the victims contained within these pages met their ends include deaths in canals and rivers, quarries and pools and even the seemingly innocent bath tub. There are grisly tales of premeditated murders, murders motivated out of love, late and jealousy. It is the darker side of life and death. Here is the murder of young Olive Turner who was taken from her family with a new flourishing love by a wicked, unhinged man who believed he could harm without retribution. Here are cases of some women executed for infanticide and fathers who took the lives of their wives and sometimes their children too when the pressures of life took over. The list goes on and includes the Victorian trade of baby farming and the likes of Amelia Dyer who murdered 400 innocent children for money. Accidents also happened in the evacuation of tunnels for the many canals that collapsed taking the lives of the workers, and navvies suffered working on the reservoirs, cuttings and in the industrial age of engineering many were blown up, crushed, smashed or simply died of overwork and under-nourishment. Waterways have always been a part of life in the UK and early accounts of murder include the raids carried out by the Danish invaders of Saxon England as they sailed up to Shropshire and killed many people in 894. There is an interesting case of inland piracy in the reign of Henry VI, raised fists on narrowboats and towpaths, carbon monoxide poisoning in sealed boats, and vandalism that led to injury and death. Plus the horrific murder of Christina Collins in 1839 and the infamous Burke and Hare who both worked on the Union Canal. 160pp in well illustrated history.
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