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A Yale University Press first edition 2010 by the prize-winning classicist who combines scholarship with storytelling. Grounded in scrupulous analysis of ancient sources from documents on papyrus to archaeological evidence, here is history at its best, full of ambition, pride, cruelty, jealousy, deceit, savagery and passion. Here is a nuanced, historically acute portrayal of Antony and Cleopatra, the politically entwined lovers who remain a subject of fascination more than 2,000 years after their deaths. Far more interesting and complex than ancient propogandists or modern theorists have made them out to be, this 'inimitable' pair are 'first and foremost political animals', who placed politics and ideology at the heart of their turbulent and intensely erotic relationship. Cleopatra has more glamour, but in terms of sheer power she was the far less important of the two. She was a Greek not an Egyptian, her rule contingent on Roman support. It was Rome that dominated the world, and Antony was an aristocrat who implicitly believed that it was his birth right to lead the Republic. His own propaganda styled him as a great soldier, but the truth was he spent very little time with the army and displayed modest talent. Famous as lovers, they were also famous as figures who took their own lives in spectacular fashion, yet their earlier lives were every bit as thrilling, and their defeat was not inevitable. The world changed as the Roman Republic turned into an Empire ruled by Caesars. Chapters include The She-Wolf, The Ptolemies, Dionysus and Aphrodite and Queen of Kings. 470 exciting pages of history, maps. 32 illus, colour.
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