ACTION FILES: Gladiators

ACTION FILES: Gladiators

C. DE LA BEDOYERE & C. KIDNEY    Book Number: 85977    Product format: Paperback

Big spiral bound fact book with a fantastic 3D scene of gladiators in combat on the front cover and verdict stickers Live! or Die! with thumbs up and thumbs down among the 90 colourful stickers included in the pack. There is a 24 page fact book with tabs covering Gladiator History, Meet the Gladiators, Arenas and Shows and Daily Life, plus a 24 page action-packed story book in softback in a resealable wallet at the back. "Felix gasped in horror as Cassius stumbled in the sand." Accused of murder and forced to become a gladiator, Cassius knew he had little chance of escape. How could the slave boy Felix save him from almost certain death? Next comes the giant fold out poster, concertinaed into eight sections depicting named gladiators in different costumes. There are 18 info cards naming 18 warriors with shields and armour, agility and strength ratings, and short descriptions, and finally, and possibly best of all, the gold and silver gladiator helmet to make. Match the tabs and slots and carefully fold along the crease lines to make your own gladiator helmet. The useful zip pocket will keep all the pieces safe. Spiral bound, colour illus 3D set.
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ISBN 9781848100251
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