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Diana Ross and Jimi Hendrix. Watergate, the Vietnam War and the oil crisis. Bell bottoms, platforms and disco. The 70s was a decade of extraordinary changes in culture, politics and iconic personalities and more than 400 articles have been curated from The New York Times for your pleasure as you travel back in time to the Bee Gees, The Godfather, and Margaret Thatcher. Collected by Clyde Haberman, editor and Times writer, this series of articles from the publication that has won 112 Pulitzer Prizes with the largest circulation of any seven-day newspaper in the United States, is not only a compendium of some of the most important moments in human history, but chock full with a range of writing from the time. Organised into sections such as National and International, Business and Science, and Arts and Entertainment and films, Haberman introduces each part with his own commentary, whether setting the scene to discuss the growth of Apple II, celebrating the brief fondue fad, or describing the "fight of the century" between heavyweights Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in Madison Square Garden in 1971. The articles are accompanied by brilliant action shots of the events including a glowering group photo of the Sex Pistols on tour in 1978, the portrait of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in 1973 alongside the article 'Kissinger Fails to Sway Saudis from Oil Embargo'. The collection is not limited to just articles either. You can read the obituaries of Vladimir Nabokov and Diane Arbus, as well as reviews such as Scorsese's Taxi Driver and features on culture icons such as Bob Dylan and Carole King and David Bowie. From the 280,000 miners strike in Britain and the tumultuous evacuation from Saigon. This is an exceptionally detailed account of the 70s and the many shifts in the world's status quo. For anyone who has lived through it, wishes to learn more, or simply enjoys journalism. 9¾" x 10¼", 250 colour photos, 330pp.
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