AUDREY AND BILL: A Romantic Biography

AUDREY AND BILL: A Romantic Biography

EDWARD EPSTEIN    Book Number: 85951    Product format: Hardback

Look past the silver screen to discover the fascinating private lives of two of Hollywood's brightest stars - Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. Edward Z. Epstein, a long-time show business insider who worked as the New York press contact for MCA/Universal, explores the crossover between the professional and personal lives of these exceptional luminaries. From the filming of Sabrina where their passionate relationship sparked on and off screen, to the Oscars where they were photographed united in their awards but romantically separated, Epstein provides insight into the deepest desires of the couple and how it fell apart including their deal breakers, such as Hepburn's burning desire for children, something Holden could not give her. Epstein follows the progress of their lives as their paths crossed and diverged including anecdotes such as Holden calling the bust of a gazelle Audrey Hepburn due to the creature's 'delicate neck.' Discover the many facets of the stars' characteristics, from Hepburn's 'Joe Louis-style handshake', to her promotional shots from Funny Face which were used for Gap advertising campaigns for 'skinny pants' decades later. Through this biography, you will understand the torment of these stars, whether that is Holden's struggle with sobriety, Hepburn's struggle with the heavy presence of photographers during filming, or the public's revelation that she had been dubbed with Marni Nixon's voice for My Fair Lady. If their stories are not enough, Epstein allows you access to vivid snapshots throughout their careers including a photo of Holden and Hepburn together in Paris When It Sizzles, long after they had broken up with Hepburn adorned in her beloved Givenchy, in addition to editorial shots of Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady, or photographed with Cary Grant during the filming of Charade and Albert Finney in Two for the Road. This is an glittering telling of these stars' lives in technicolour detail. 6" x 8", photos, 242pp.
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