FOR THE GLORY OF ROME: A History of Warriors and Warfare

FOR THE GLORY OF ROME: A History of Warriors and Warfare

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A Roman legionary soldier was equipped with a heavy javelin, cut and thrust sword and a shield from shoulder to shin. As a member of a maniple of 120 men he was expected to form a unit of power to drive a wedge into the enemy, but he could also be assailed from all sides and would have to fight hand to hand in single combat. This book explores the difference between the two roles of soldier and warrior, and how the commanders maintained a balance in combat. The major battles covered are the Pyrrhic War, the Third Samnite War, Caesar's Gallic Wars and the first stage of his Civil War against the Pompeiians. The Pyrrhic War between Rome and Tarentum in southern Italy started with the battle of Heraclea, where the Romans were alarmed by tales of Pyrrhus's fabulous fighting elephants. Casualties were high on both sides, leading to the term "Pyrrhic victory". Single combat in which the outcome was decided by two champions was rare in practice but the stuff of myth, and Publius Cornelius Scipio's defeat of Hannibal, another commander famous for his fighting elephants, gave rise to a popular story ascribing victory in single combat to Scipio's father. The final section of the book is on warlords and their warriors, focusing on Caesar's internal battles and offering a detailed analysis of the likely fate of the legendary Ninth Legion. 288pp, paperback, black and white and many colour plates, maps.
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