BUENOS AIRES: The Biography of a City

BUENOS AIRES: The Biography of a City

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The novelist Leopoldo Marechal described Buenos Aires as the centre of the universe. "Black, sonorous ships, anchored in the port of Santa Maria de Buenos Aires, tossed upon its docks the industrial harvest of both hemispheres, the colours and sounds of the four races, the iodine and salt of the seven seas. An orchestra of trains entered the city or departed for the forests of the north, the vineyards of the west, the farmlands of the centre and the pastures of the south." Famous for its European style architecture and lively cultural scene, Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America. It has been the home of such renowned figures as Jorge Luis Borges, Che Guevara and Eva Perón. From San Telmo's turn-of-the-century oak panelled restaurants and brightly tiled apothecaries to phantasmagoric Beaux Arts palaces in Plaza San Martín, the parks of Palermo, and the bustling bars along Corrientes and Lavalle, the city is steeped in culture and history. This is the first book length history of the city written in English, a colourful historical account from its origins as an obscure colonial city through its Golden Age, the rise of Perón and the Falklands War up to the present day. We follow the city's evolution into a vibrant commercial hub where the descendants of the original Spanish settlers and the millions of immigrants who came from all across Europe and beyond have united to create a hybrid civilisation unlike any on earth. With entertaining asides about art, architecture, literature, food and popular culture, local customs and personalities. 258pp, illus and one old 16th century map. US first edition 2015, remainder mark.
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