BLOOD MOON: An American Epic of War and Splendor

BLOOD MOON: An American Epic of War and Splendor

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President Andrew Jackson is regarded as the reviled architect of the removal of the Cherokee people from their native land, an area which encompassed the present day states of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and more, to Oklahoma, a process he began in the early 19th century, which became known as the "Trail of Tears". At that time the Cherokee were the most culturally and socially advanced of all the Native American tribes, with their own government, language, newspapers and religious traditions, but more and more their land was being taken by white settlers. In the midst of this ever rising problem rose two Cherokee chiefs, different in practically every way: the first was known as The Ridge, a fearsome warrior who spoke no English and the second was John Ross, descended from Scottish traders, a small, unimposing man who spoke not a word of Cherokee. At first they were friends and allies, working together to protect their sacred land from white encroachment, vigorously petitioning every President from Washington to Lincoln but when they had differing views on Jackson's removal program it caused a mutual hatred that led to a bloody civil war within the Cherokee nation, the heartbreak of the Trail of Tears and eventually the two factions fighting on opposite sides in the American Civil War. Through the eyes of Ridge and Ross, John Sedgwick restores the Cherokee to their rightful place in American history in a dramatic saga of land, pride, honour and loss, and heroes and scoundrels of every hue abound as the two men refuse to back down while all goes to hell around them. Uses contemporary diaries and journals, newspaper reports, eyewitness accounts and government papers, plus Sedgwick's own wide-ranging travels in Cherokee lands, bringing to life two towering figures with reverence, texture and humanity. US first edition of 2018, 506 roughcut pages with 16 pages of colour and b/w plates plus maps. Small remainder mark.
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Glimpzse into America's past
from Anthony Jackson on 03/12/2019
Uncovers a part of American history rarely covered in most texts, and provides a glimpse into aspects of the past that is absorbing and revealing: well written.