ON THE PROWL: The Secret Life of Cats

ON THE PROWL: The Secret Life of Cats

RUPERT FAWCETT    Book Number: 85882    Product format: Hardback

Here in 144 cartoons widely published cartoonist Rupert Fawcett sums up the nature of the domestic cat - human relationship, and a very one-sided one it is, too. Cat owners are all too aware of the magnetic attraction that exists between recently divested clothing and felines and the ability of a cat to place itself in exactly the worst, most dangerous, most annoying position in any busy room is uncanny. Cats' ability to sleep 23¾ hours a day is well-known and Fawcett examines and explains this phenomenon in hilarious detail here, reaching some surprising conclusions. Also tackled is the question of feline ageing - how can you actually tell they're doing less if they never did anything in the first place! But perhaps what we learn most about is the human - cat emotional relationship, i.e. humans put in all the emotion and your apparently intuitive, considerate, empathic furry friend is actually nothing of the sort and is, in reality, a cynical, selfish, inconsiderate freeloader - but how can you resist them?! A chunky 154pp, perfect for the cat-slave in your life. Illus.
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