SHIP MODELS: The Thomson Collection

SHIP MODELS: The Thomson Collection

SIMON STEPHENS    Book Number: 85831    Product format: Paperback

Curator of Ship Model and Boat Collections at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich here in London, Simon Stephens begins this superb collection with a British turret-decked steamer in close-up detail. The AGO in Toronto is very famous and the book is the celebration of Ken Thomson (1923-2006) gift in 2002 of some 2,000 Canadian and European paintings and works of art spanning 350 years. Ship models are a priceless historical record of vessels that have long since been sunk or broken up. Created for a variety of purposes, in the first instance to 'sell' a proposed ship to a Navy committee or other buyer, or as a memento or souvenir of a famous vessel such as Nelson's Victory, one of the most important models in the Thomson Collection is the Bristol. Identified by a note discovered inside by an optic-fibre microscope as a vessel built for the British Royal Navy in 1746, archival records survive. As a result, this ship could in theory be rebuilt to full scale. The book covers the 17th and 18th century, small craft and lifeboats, sail and steam, ferries, pleasure craft, service vessels, World War One and World War Two warships and general cargo, fishing and passenger vessels. Marvel in the fine detail of wood, metal and gold-plated fittings of a Japanese liner from 1930, builder's model scale 1:96, the British cargo ship Chantala of 1913, the HMS Activity scale 1:48 from 1942 in wood and metal, the Clacton Belle paddle steamer from 1890 and a look at model builder Donald McNarry whose models regularly won 'Best of Class' in the British National Model Engineer exhibitions. Turkish ferry steamers, colonial river stern-wheeler, a self-righting pulling and sailing lifeboat Christopher Brown from 1868 in wood, cork, brass, silk and silver, or the magnificent French three-decker 120-gun warship L'Océan probably made by French sailors from box wood, ebony, brass, bone and glass around 1815-20. Features including areas of the rig is not uncommon in Prisoner of War models. All beautifully photographed in colour on glossy white paper, 183 pages, 69 examples with extended captions. Large softback 9½" x 11".
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