VIRGIN PIG KEEPER: A Pair of Pigs In the Garden

VIRGIN PIG KEEPER: A Pair of Pigs In the Garden

David Brown    Book Number: 85778    Product format: Paperback

Meet a socially lively, boisterous, highly intelligent, sexually uninhibited animal with an apparent keen and wicked sense of humour, guaranteed to reduce human stress. Pigs are also exasperating, loveable, fascinating, profitable in a sane economy and highly addictive. Cats look down on you, dogs look up at you, but pigs look you back straight in the eye like an equal Winston Churchill once famously said. P. G. Wodehouse knew a thing or two about them when he created the laid back Empress of Blandings but what about Orwell's Animal Farm? Rearing your own two pigs in the garden has many plus points and the result of your efforts is succulent pork, real bacon and sausages of an unbelievable excellence plus its low price and low cholesterol. To accomplish the above you will have to get streetwise in pig husbandry and this book will show you how to drive a pig from A to B and also where to scratch them to give them most pleasure. Unlike most textbooks, it tells you not only what to do but how and the drawings by Eric Copeland are blissfully funny and accurate. Where to put them, how to buy, moving and handling, feeding, health, disease and vets, regulations, disasters and history, it's all here. 98 page large softback.
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ISBN 9781873580790
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