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A super, well illustrated handbook covering the history of stargazing, celestial mechanics, naked eye stargazing, binoculars and stargazing, choosing your first telescope, setting it up and what to see with it, simple astrophotography, professional telescopes and the future of stargazing. Astrology can comfortably claim to be the oldest science, as every known human culture has studied the heavens, be it to try to understand the gods and predict the future or to navigate and tell the time by. In 750BC the Babylonians had plotted the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets and by 400BC the Chinese has recorded and named many stars. Although there were some early theories of a heliocentric solar system in Ancient Greece in the third century BC, Claudius Ptolemy's well-argued geocentric theory of 140AD held sway for over 1,300 years until the observations and calculations of Nicholas Copernicus led to the acceptance of the heliocentric theory. Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a space scientist and journalist, as well co-presenter of The Sky at Night. Here she provides in a delightfully concise form an overview of the Universe as we see and know it today and where our little bit of sun, planets and moons fits into it. It also looks at the top ten astronomers of the ancient world and the locations of naked eye visible stars with exoplanets. The diagrams are especially helpful looking at Moon landings of the various Apollos, polestars and the Plough, shooting stars and more. She takes a fascinating look at archaeoastronomy and the more recent history of astronomy, and describes what can be seen with the naked eye, as our early ancestors did. She then moves on to stargazing equipment, its history and how to set up your own telescope and the correct use of binoculars - you will be amazed at the calibre of equipment that is now affordable! Finally, we are taken on a tour of the world's greatest land and space based telescopes both in use and in construction and what wonders they have detected in deep space. 160 pocket-sized pages with tables, star maps and diagrams.
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