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A book about touching, feeling, smelling and seeing nature at close quarters. Learn the art of not being seen as you track birds, make a seed feeder and learn about feathers and 'glorified reptiles'. Next is mammals which are top of the range as far as the amateur naturalist is concerned. The red deer, badger, Pine Marten, and wood mouse, find out about polar bear tracks and learn how to make a permanent record of an animal's footprint by making a plaster cast. Use a microscope and gelatine in hot water to learn the scale pattern on the outside of a mammal's hair, and various hairs are seen here in diagrammatic cross sections. Scats, faeces, dung, spraints, whitewash, mutes - call them what you like, what is passed through the animal's gut and excreted contains lots of information about diet and 'signposts'. Feeding, nuts, teeth, bones and how to mount them and display them, leads on to setting mouse traps and other pitfall traps and enjoying the animals of the night like bats. Reptiles and amphibians come next with all about vivariums, frogging by night, cracking the croak, tails and scales and a sure fire way to ensure your frogspawn become tadpoles. Make your own snake stick and use baits as lures for feeding fish. Invertebrates live from the skull-crushing depths of the oceans to the peaks of the highest mountains, from burning deserts to the frigid poles and are among the most important organisms on earth. Here are six of the best including the house fly, dog tick, land crab and African giant black millipede and all the bug hunting essentials you will need and how to suck up small animals in your pooter or dab a small paint mark on a honey bee. Make a moth trap, find and catch a cricket, make a bee box, learn about wasps nests, spiders, crustaceans and the characteristics of molluscs. Non-animal kingdoms of life are explored in the mouldering masses known as fungi and we learn about propagation, germination and even the sexual parts of flowers right down to pressing and preserving plants. Full of up-to-date, practical information, presented with huge full page colour photographs, fact boxes, variations, and line drawings and artworks, this is a rich source of new ideas for more experienced naturalists as well as sparking a natural curiosity of a whole new generation. 9" x 11" approx., quality softback, 352pp.
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ISBN 9781472912077
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