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Paxman "looks disdainful and contemptuous and furious with his guest because he by and large is." - Andrew Marr. The no-nonsense star of BBC Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman is an incisive political interviewer, a supreme inquisitor and master of skewering mammoth egos with his relentless grilling. His interviews with Dizzee Rascal, David Bowie, Russell Brand and Vivienne Westwood are legendary. He discussed belief with religious leaders and philosophers, economics with CEOs and bankers, books with writers and theatre with artists. After over 22 years on University Challenge, Paxman is also the longest-serving active quizmaster on British TV. In these long-awaited memoirs, Paxman spills the beans about four decades in front of the camera reflecting on a career that has taken him from the world's war zones and troubled spots in Central America, Beirut and Belfast to the studios of Tonight, Panorama, Breakfast Time and the Six o'Clock News. Candid, uncompromising, compassionate, reflective and astute, he writes of the principals that have governed his professional life, the inner workings of the BBC, the role of journalists in political debate, the scandals and rows he has been part of, the books he has written and series he has made and tells some terrific stories and laughs at much of the silliness of the world. 336pp with 46 photos, mostly in colour. "I am going to have to press you..."
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