ROBERT BRUCE: Our Most Valiant Prince, King and Lord

ROBERT BRUCE: Our Most Valiant Prince, King and Lord

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700 years ago Robert Bruce seized the Kingship of Scotland as his birth right and, defeated in battle, fled overseas, preserving in his own person the kingship of Scotland from extirpation by Edward I of England's precocious United Kingdom of the Middle Ages. He may have saved the 'idea of Scotland' for future generations. Bruce led from the front and presided over the butchering of at least one garrison and inflicted a decade of cruel war on a virtually defenceless civilian population in northern England. He may also have been personally involved in the murder of John Comyn. His four brothers lost their lives in his cause; his sister and his putative lover endured years of humiliation for their association with him, and at the end of it all, Robert died in his bed, confident that he had succeeded in his ambitions for himself and passed into history as 'the ultimate hero and defender of Scottish nationhood against English imperialism'. Robert's life makes compelling reading. He changed sides repeatedly in the decade 1296-1306 for a variety of reasons and conflicts of loyalty. His life is one of the greatest comeback stories in history. Heir and magnate, shrewd politician, briefly 'king of summer' and then a desperate outlaw who returns from exile to recover his kingdom, Bruce was also a gifted military tactician, a wise statesman and a leader with vision and energy. This major historical biography, first published in 2006 and here updated, peels back the layers of misconception and propaganda to paint an accurate, sympathetic and balanced portrait of one of Scotland's greatest national heroes. Mistakes and revisions have been incorporated, maps and tables improved for this 2018 paperback. 22 images, 16 maps and genealogical tables including one of the Succession to the Scottish Throne and possible MacDonald and MacDougal family trees. 374pp in paperback. 12 pages of photos.
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