RICHARD III: Brother, Protector, King

RICHARD III: Brother, Protector, King

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Richard III's personality and behaviour was the talk of the courts of Europe. He had been the unswervingly loyal younger brother of Edward IV, the Yorkist king who had reigned, albeit with one deposition in 1470, for over 20 years. Edward's death aged just 41 in April 1483 had transformed everything. Many had expected his elder son Prince Edward, aged 13, to inherit the throne as Edward V. A coronation was planned but would never take place. Richard, having been entrusted as the new King's Protector, eventually chose to accept the crown for himself and was crowned Richard III on 6th July 1483. In the whirlwind of political events, young princes Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, disappeared into the Tower of London, never to be seen again. The last Plantagenet king remains one of England's most famous and controversial monarchs, and his short life and reign was full of bloody intensity. His personality was forged in the tribulation of exile and the brutality of combat. An ambitious nobleman and successful general with a loyal following, Richard was a man who could claim to have achieved every ambition in life, except one. Within months of his brother's early death, Richard had stunned the nation when he seized the throne and disinherited his nephews. Having put to death his rivals, his two year reign would become one of the most tumultuous in English history, ending in treachery and with his death on the battlefield at Bosworth. Historian Chris Skidmore returns to original manuscript evidence to rediscover the man as contemporaries saw him and how his actions and behaviour underline the true nature of power in an age of great upheaval and instability. With 38 illustrations, portraits, letters and castles, brass rubbings, stained glass windows, badges and more, three maps of England, France and Brittany during the Wars of the Roses and itinerary of Richard III, and large family trees of the Houses of Lancaster and York and the House of Tudor, the Nevilles and the Woodvilles. 431 splendid pages of history, colour and b/w plates.
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